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Open Recommendations

This page contains information on OIG recommendations. By the 5th of each month, the OIG will update this page to reflect the changes to OIG recommendations from the previous month. Recommendations are intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of AOC operations. Following the issuance of a report, AOC management has an opportunity to comment on OIG findings and recommendations.

All AOC OIG Recommendations are posted on Oversight.gov.


Open Recommendations as of April 7, 2024

Days Until Recommendations Due

90 Open Recommendations


Open Recommendations By Responsible Office


The following categories are used to describe AOC management’s comments for individual recommendations:

Open Unresolved – AOC Management disagrees with the recommendation (non-concur); does not provide a response; or has not proposed corrective actions that will address the recommendation. Recommendations remain open unresolved until AOC submits a corrective action plan that addresses the findings and recommendations, and AOC OIG accepts the plan.

Open Resolved – AOC Management has agreed (concur) to implement the recommendation or has proposed corrective actions that will address the recommendation.