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About Us


The Architect of the Capitol Office of Inspector General promotes efficiency and effectiveness to deter and prevent fraud, waste and abuse in AOC operations and programs. We do this through value-added, transparent and independent audits, evaluations and investigations. We strive to positively impact the Agency and the tax payer while keeping Congress informed.

  • Please see our latest Work Plan for more information about planned and ongoing work.
  • Please see our Strategic Plan for more information about our goals and their implementation.
  • Please see our Information Guide for more information about how we do our work.


  • Team: 20 full time employees
  • Experience: Staff have an average 15 years in their career field
  • Education: 60% of staff have graduate degrees
  • Skills: 50% of staff hold professional certifications

Work Products

  • Audit: Reviews compliance and controls of a program or process.
  • Evaluation: Reviews of programs and operations against best practices and objective criteria to determine efficiency, effectiveness, and/or economies.
  • Inspection: Reviews generally performed to determine compliance with a law or policy.
  • Investigation: Reports on allegations of violation of policy or criminal statute. Subject names are included. These reports are sensitive and distribution is restricted.
  • Management Advisory: Reports on specific gaps or weaknesses in internal controls observed during OIG work. These reports are a communication tool that may or may not contain recommendations which may or may not require AOC concurrence.
  • Notice of Concern: Reports on specific safety or security issues observed during the course of OIG work and are provided to AOC management for immediate action they deem appropriate. These reports do not provide recommendations.
  • Semiannual Report to Congress: Summation of all OIG products and figures reported to the AOC and Congress, issued twice per year.