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Inspections & Evaluations Division

An OIG inspection or evaluation is a systematic and independent assessment of the design, implementation and/or results of AOC operations, programs or policies. They provide information that is timely, credible and useful for AOC managers, policymakers and others.

Inspections or evaluations can be used to determine efficiency, effectiveness, impact and/or sustainability of AOC operations, programs or polices. They often recommend improvements and identify where administrative action is necessary.

The inspections or evaluations issued by the OIG must be performed in accordance with CIGIE's Quality Standards for Inspections and Evaluations, often referred to as the Blue Book.

The OIG prepares an Inspection and Evaluation plan on a regular basis. The plan includes legislatively mandated inspections or evaluations, and other work selected based on risk and materiality, or requests from Congress and the AOC.

    Assistant Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations

    Chico Bennett