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Operations Division

Counsel to the Inspector General provides legal advice to the Inspector General, the senior staff, and others in the OIG on the full range of office activities including audits, inspections and evaluations, and investigations. The Counsel to the IG is independent from the AOC’s General Counsel.

Operations is the focal point of the OIG and impacts all other divisions through administrative support, contracting, budgeting and data analytics, and program management. Operations is the report distribution hub and works to coordinate congressional and external communications.

To increase the OIG’s oversight capability, the OIG’s data analyst, positioned within the Operations Division, assumes a pro-active and risk-based approach, supporting efforts to identify potential vulnerabilities, which provides leads and self-initiated projects to other divisions. This capability allows the OIG to more effectively conduct strategic planning and identify work plan priorities.

Counsel to the Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Operations

Sally Smith