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Contact Us

Contact the AOC OIG

  • Confidential Hotline:
  • Office
    • Phone: (202) 593-1948
    • Fax: (202) 593-0055
    • Email: aocoig.oversight@aoc.gov
    • Address: 
      • Architect of the Capitol
        Office of Inspector General
        499 South Capitol Street, SW
        Suite 518
        Washington, DC 20515

AOC OIG Senior Staff

  • Inspector General:
    • Christopher P. Failla
  • Deputy Inspector General:
    • Dr. Michael J. Rich
  • Counsel to the Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Operations:
    • Sally Smith
  • Assistant Inspector General for Audits:
    • Erica Boyden
  • Assistant Inspector General for Inspections and Evaluations:
    • Chico Bennett
  • Assistant Inspector General for Investigations:
    • Patrick McCurry
  • Assistant Inspector General for Follow-Up:
    • Brittany Banks