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Mission, Vision, Values


The AOC OIG promotes efficiency and effectiveness, and economy to deter and prevent fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in AOC programs and operations. We do this through value-added, transparent, impactful, and independent audits, inspections and evaluations, and investigations. We strive to positively affect the AOC and benefit the taxpayer while keeping the AOC and Congress fully informed.


The AOC OIG is a high-performing team, promoting positive change and striving for continuous improvement in AOC programs and operations. We foster an environment that inspires AOC workforce trust and confidence in our work.


Respect: We treat one another with civility and kindness, so that we honor the value and dignity of all people.

Integrity: We demonstrate honesty, ethics and reliability, so that we earn trust and do what is right.

Safety: We are governed by the foundation of safety always, so that we can feel safe, make safe and be safe.

Empowerment: We are one team seeking better ways to do our work, so that we all contribute to the success of the AOC.