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  • Toll Free Hotline Report Phone: (877) 489-8583

  • Confidential Hotline Email: hotline@aoc-oig.org

About our Confidential and Independent Hotline

The AOC OIG hotline is available to AOC employees, contractors and their employees, and members of the public who wish to report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement within AOC programs and operations. Complaints may involve issues that occur at the AOC, on Capitol grounds, or those regarding AOC offsite employees. If requested, the OIG will protect the identity of those who file complaints unless disclosure is unavoidable. The OIG acknowledges receipt of all incoming complaints, unless they are submitted anonymously.

The OIG will review all incoming allegations and take appropriate action. We may decide to initiate an audit, evaluation, or investigation, or make a referral to the AOC or to an outside entity.

Fraud Training

The AOC OIG maintains an annual training requirement accessed through the AOC Learn portal for all AOC employees on:

  • How to identify fraud, waste and abuse
  • Role in preventing and reporting fraud, waste and abuse
  • Proper government property disposal
  • Examples of common fraud types like:
    • Contract fraud
    • False Claims Act
    • Workers’ compensation fraud
    • Time and attendance fraud
  • The components of the Fraud Triangle
    • Pressure: financial or non-financial issues that may provide incentive to commit fraud
      • such as high medical bills, past-due accounts, addiction to alcohol or gambling, unrealistic work expectations
    • Opportunity: ability to commit fraud such as access to assets and/or information
    • Rationalization: employee’s self-justification that their fraudulent actions are reasonable or permissible
    Fraud Triangle